A Changing World


We are living in a dynamic world never seen before.  How do we adapt to change without creating fear, stress and anxiety within?  The more we experience loss, the more we tend to believe we may go through that again. In essence the thought of things is worse than the actual event.

The solution is mindfulness. What this means is not being attached to craving about what you want to happen or what you don’t want to happen. Being happy with things as they are, not as you would like them to be.

Personally, I have had many breakups and redundancies to know that nothing is certain. Even if you do make the effort, try your best and love/give more than you are able. It still doesn’t mean those things you hold dear in your life right now will still be around in the future. The future does no exist. It is only now we can have certainty, for a split second of a awareness of a moment.

We say that; gone are the days where you stay in a job for 20 years and wait for retirement. The young people coming up through today’s world will have 5 career changes by the time they experience 30 years of age.

Being happy with what is around you right now is the most important aspect of mindfulness. This helps to combat fear and anxiety that surrounds the trepidation of things being different than expected.

Just being happy with having a roof over your head will see that you get a great job afterwards. Or start meeting new people. When we are happy with the smallest morsel of food, we then tend to see abundance coming in so thick and fast.

The real answer to adapting to change is not having expectations about how things will or won’t be. To kick those nasty thoughts and fears; practicing mindfulness without passionate desire for things that probably won’t happen or may not come your way. Maybe its just because you want it too much? Perhaps, you are lazy and see how much work or effort changing the status quo for the possibility to be happy and not knowing for sure. The natural order of things is balance. Being greedy or hungry for receiving an experience when you are already provided for or have had plenty to eat already.

This is how the universe works. This is how Mother Earth teaches us. That we can’t have our own way all the time and suck everything dry. When we don’t get our own way, this is a great teacher and helps us grow into more gratuitous beings. More mindful, in control and making a happy destiny happen

Welcome Change in your LIFE!

Written by Tamara Critch, who is a Wellness & Work Coach, with counselling expertise and a bodyworker, raw food nutritionist and gut health therapist.  if you would like to book in for Skype sessions, please add tam_critch and make an appointment online for a very value packed affordable price. Otherwise, face to face appointments are also available including mobile massage therapy. Tamara also teaches and runs meditation classes for individuals/groups that focus on dreaming and sound healing for relaxation and empowerment.



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