Let Go; Be Happy


It can be a real contradiction to ask someone to let it go at work and be happy. We are trained to believe, in order to stay in employment, we better not drop the ball.   The next steps after than is being prepared to do overtime to meet excruciating time constraints and encouragement to exceed key performance indicators.

How many of us at work do or be things that are against ourselves and how can this lead to happiness? How do we keep our job and still be who we are; rather than being at the mercy of the whimsical needs of others?

Sometimes its a blessing not to be paid that well.   Less chance of being in a perpetual state of tension just to prove your worth to the business. How can this make any person happy? This is not freedom; this is a fear based living .

Remember why you are at work, it is more than just for the money?  Humans need a greater sense of purpose. If we allow ourselves to let go of the ‘have to’s”, we can then sharpen our senses  to have what we really want. The work or job we do, needs to bean an enjoyable component to your life as a whole.

Letting go of the reward complex set by others is essential to this process. When we are happy we are naturally more productive and get on better with colleagues/clients/co-workers to keep that job. It is in our own best interest to do work on ‘our own’ terms.

This is especially difficult, just starting a job or working towards a promotion. As we are assessed on our ability to comply with rules/regulations/standards set by others in order to gain something we want. Have you let go enough lately to allow yourself to think ” what is it I actually really want?”. It might be something you least expect.

“Be strong enough to let go and be patient enough to get what you deserve”

What sets us apart of the rest;  to move into real success is our own inner intrinsic motivators. External motivators get us very little in the long run.  Having others; like management; set the bar to too high or too low can be a key reason for unhappiness at work. The collective need to left go of the ‘top dog’ attitude and always being right, can then cultivate more inner peace at work. People can reach pure potential that way.


We have the power to choose how we feel every minute of the day. We choose how to behave in a situation, how to react and how we conduct ourselves at work. This is a lot of control we actually do have if we can see it. Letting go of the pressures of things outside our control and start focusing on what can be done leads to true happiness at work. Set your own key happiness indicators. Nobody can make us feel anything unless we want them to.

A big part of the letting go process at work can be simply being grateful for having this job/role/position. Then we can listen to the lessons and observe the experiences this brings to your life. Observing what others have to teach you is an excellent tool for your own personal growth and this is something money can never buy.

Jobs come and go. Redundancies are on the rise and chunks of time jobless is happening more and more often; with this insecure economic landscape. This doesn’t mean you need to feel insecure. its about trusting yourself that you can always provide and have optimism about the next employment adventure with an open mind. Letting go of the need to control or progress or have the same career tomorrow. This, clinging to the need to keep your job or wanting that job only leads to unhappiness.

Take back your own mind and see the reality is what it is, not as you would like it to be.  Be confident to bring something to your managers attention or put forward a good idea about improvements. Wasting these opportunities for change to make a difference is the difference between achieving empowered employment.

Letting go is not about escaping reality; its about facing situations to help things to change for the greater good at work. This leads to higher work productivity rather than doing things for your own protection or personal gain/agendas . Perpetuating the status quo even when a work process is clearly not working or a colleague is making it difficult for you. its time to let go and speak up, feel the experience and move forward into healthier territories at work.

If you lose your job because of it. Its worth it.

This the the Art of Happiness at work.

Written by Tamara Critch, a Wellness@Work Coach, guiding you to a happier work situation and can assist you with finding a new job offering a personalised service including CV writing and application preparation that will get you that interview every time. Tamara also teaches and runs at home meditation classes/events and a mobile massage therapy service to help you detox from your work stressors. Please enquire: tam_critch@yahoo.com.au or call 0409375859.


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