Modern Day Slavery


Overworked and Underpaid

Nobody wants to talk about this uncomfortable topic.  Where  good workers keep jobs and get promotions due to working thousands of hours unpaid overtime.  Perhaps some with lengthy careers have done years of free labour.

Welcome to the modern day age of workplace enslavement.   where did we go wrong in our sophistication to go far off living the dream?


It seems over time, its becoming less and less possible to stand up for our rights even with industrial relations support. With less jobs available and more economic down turns. Asking for time in lieu or negotiating more time / resources to complete high volume workloads is out of the question.  As this is seen to show incompetence.  As well as  plenty of other people lined up to take your place out there in the cold.

This modern world seems to offer promise of great careers with ambition and progress into potential higher paid positions.  so we can see overtime may be worth it?  After all we see management doing less and being paid more for the privilege.  These false aspirations to achieve these limited positions;  plant seeds of discontent.  left to work to survive / pay the bills; rather than future rewards. Some of us are lucky enough to gain employment after redundancy with a pay cut and more responsibility.

In saying this, there is no shame in participating fully at work and aspiring to be the best you can be.   its just that the workplace system can not provide movement up the heir-achy for everyone. Plus most positions now are subjected to  the clause “expected overtime” is part of your salary.  We sign up because its better than unemployment. Do we have a choice?

There also may be other factors at play here that has propelled us into these state of affairs.

Some possible theories:

  • Fluoride in the water calcifies our pineal gland so we are unable to think for ourselves and/or
  • The constant use of social media to uphold a collective illusionary image rather than just being real and/or
  • Consuming preservatives, chemicals and processed food due to being time poor and/or
  • Overindulging in easy access substances such as cigarettes,  alcohol, chocolate, sugar etc to escape or relax from a difficult day and/or
  • Watching brain numbing television programs positioned as entertainment rather than mindless consumption programming us to think: and/or
  • Taking the prescription pharmaceutical drugs your doctor recommends to help you cope and keep your job.

In light of the above.  May this be a little inspiration for you to think more seriously about taking back your power at work.  Being your health and wellbeing mostly. We all need to work on improving energy levels and not taking our body for granted. when we are healthy we can then think more clearly and make better choices and decisions. This helps work and life.  I would recommend detoxing the mind and body to change things for the better. Live more healthy and be more self-loving towards ourselves.   work life is a reflection of your home life. And vice versa.

pure potential

Ideas to change your current employee status quo: 

  •  Be your own boss and try self-employment.  At least you can prepare for this whilst you have your full-time job
  • Start to apply for another job that pays better and you can set more healthy boundaries in the beginning.
  • Perhaps unemployment appears attractive at this point in time and you can start to under perform on purpose
  • Travelling overseas can always give way to a new perspective and pack up your life and move to an exotic land for a while


The grass may appear greener some where else. This is human nature.  On occasion, we may do something drastically different to escape the present situation, and the same issues  are certain to return with some added extras.  Facing our problems and recovering is better than escaping and pushing it away.

The only way out of enslavement,is taking back control of your mind and to practice thinking differently; more positively with ease towards ourselves.   We may train ourselves in meditation to observe our surroundings and inside us more. Or we can change our attitude to see experiences as opportunities for personal growth.   For example;  so many people are under-utilitised and over-qualified for the job they currently do.  This may teach us about humility, learning not to be a ‘know it all’ and disengage from ego/power struggles.  There are a myriad of ways to think about this. May you have another one?

When we know we choose how we think about something that happens.  We can move out of our modern day enslavery in the workplace and life in general. Then gracefully jump into a liberated state of being and a life full of promise with more joy.


May we consider changing perspectives a little.  There are infinite ways to see any experience and situation. We forget this sometimes and can only see the one someone else provides.  How about experimenting and seeing at least two more ways to think about an incident at work?  This helps us to see how our work is just another playground; a smorgasbord for human experience.  Helping us to participate more active and alive at work; and maybe doing somethings different too.  maybe that will lead to a promotion.

It is important to follow process/protocol, and also add some of your own flair and creativity into the mix and know this is available.  So many people are doing more than one position, so if you have some shortcuts and think outside the box. Start to use these ideas in a smart cooperative way.

I invite you to take on all lessons your job can provide; whether its;about  ego, control, power, commitment, direction and stamina. where else will you learn these?  These are important lessons that can spill into our personal lives also to potentially improve relationships and wellbeing.

Also, the money story need not be at the forefront of your mind either. Most of the time people earning $30K more than you, get taxed higher and it equals out.  I encourage you see yourself working for your own reasons and dreams.  This will show you there is no difference working for free or otherwise. Money is an illusion and having more of it, may not necessarily make the things you think; easier.

Work your path for your own purpose not somebody else’s.  You  can then shift your place into a more empowered stance. More able to gently assert your boundaries and be happier at work.

Live on Purpose; Walk your Potential!!!

Written by Tamara Critch – Career Coach 


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